What Next???

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve noticed a lack of posts this summer. Don’t worry — not quitting — just needed some time to regroup.

A key catalyst was two recent funerals. Not to sound morbid, but these events have a way of causing one to reflect on where one has been, and where one wants to go next. They are also not so subtle reminders that time is limited, and life needs to be lived now!

The first funeral was an old college friend, and the second was a relative. Both wonderful people who left us way too soon. Sadly, both had delayed retirement plans until is was too late. Thus, the cause for reflection.

So what next? Here are some plans – subject to change, of course.

– Keep blogging at JumpToConsulting. I have at least another 100 ideas for posts, including a  series on selling consulting services, patterned after the recent series on generating leads.

– Wind down the engineering consulting practice.
This has been happening anyway — if you don’t continually market, that is the result.

But that’s OK. I plan to stay involved with the training side of the business, which I really enjoy. (My business partner remains active with both the consulting and the training.)

– Develop the on-line classes I’ve been promising, along with the book. Focused on how to start/build/maintain a small professional consulting practice, just as I did 30+ years ago.

Aimed at those who are highly interested in consulting as a possible business/lifestyle, with an emphasis on geeks & geezers (technical professionals and/or boomers over 40) – my own personal demographics.

– Increase leisure travel. Two years ago we bought a small RV, which has been great fun. The plan is for more RV fun – both short trips and some extended trips. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even start a travel blog.

– Simply enjoy retirement. Yes, I finally admit I’m retired – or at least 90% retired (hard to shut down 100% when you started the business.) But JumpToConsulting remains a primary retirement project, so it is not going away. See On Becoming and OLD Warrior.

So thank you to my readers! It is a small group in a pretty tight niche, but it has been fun to interact with so many of you.

Finally, please write or comment if you have specific question about the wacky world of consulting!

P.S. – After 30 years, we just got a pooch again. Several years old, she came from a pet rescue. What a sweetheart, and a definite enhancement to our lives and to our retirement.

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4 Responses to What Next???

  • Good for you getting a dog from a rescue organization. There are so many dogs in these facilities who are just looking for good homes.

    Consulting was my life for 20 years so I can really relate to one of your comments: if marketing isn’t continuous you find your client base slowly eroding away. I watched that happen for several years before closing the doors in 2001. As it happened I lost interest and wanted to explore a new phase of my life at the same time, so I was not in the least bit disappointed.

    • Thanks Bob. We are enjoying our new companion. We think her previous owner was an older person who could no longer care for her. So she has adapted well to the “old folks” here 🙂

      Like you, my consulting business has slowed, but that is OK. The doors are still slightly open, but as my blog post puts it, I’m ready for the next phase of life. Really appreciate your blog on retirement – it “resonates” for me.

  • Hi Daryl, good article. I guess I could sense there was a change coming. 🙂 We’ve also been bitten by the travel/RV bug and have been enjoying the time (largely) away from consulting as we’ve been gradually working our way up the east coast on an extended three-month journey, photographing lighthouses and exploring a few museums and historical sites.

    I say largely, because I’m actually able to do quite a bit of remote consulting, so long as I have phone and internet service. Some of my clients pay via direct transfer or credit cards, which is nice, as that keeps the hopper filled. Nothing like combining my love for helping other companies while enjoying some travel. You’re right…life must be lived in the present…don’t “wait” to retire before doing things that make a difference to you, your family or others.

    Looking forward to your continued consulting advice and travel reports!

    • Thanks Ken. We’ll soon be taking the loooong way home to AZ from MN. First heading east to CT to see grandkids, and then down the Shenandoah Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Natchez Trace — all new to us. Should be pretty in the fall. Will visit Gettysburg, Shiloh, and Vicksburg along the way (a bit of a history buff here.)

      Glad to hear the remote consulting is working for you. Been doing a little of the same here, both JumpToConsulting and EMIGURU. Only requires a few hours, keeps one involved, but not tied down. More time to goof off…

      Enjoy your journeys!

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