Special Welcome – Boomers

A special welcome to my fellow boomers…

If you’re a boomer like I am (born between 1946 and 1964), you are probably getting close to retirement — or at least thinking about it.

Although you may be ready to slow down, you may not be ready to quit completely. You may still enjoy what you are doing, or you may want to augment your retirement income.

Consulting can be the perfect answer! Unlike many other business opportunities:

Often times, you already know your first clients — your present employer or business colleagues. And since you may no longer need a full time income, the financial pressure is off and you can pursue those projects that truly interest you.

Yes, there are still a myriad of details in starting a consulting business, but we’ll discuss those in this blog. I’ll also share a number of real-life success stories about fellow boomers who have made it as consultants (and had a good time in the process.)

Finally, I’d like to share this “boomer” story.

Mary and I recently attended a talk on staying active in retirement. Even though I’m not retired (and may never do so fully), at my age I’m always interested in what people have to say about the subject. In any event, the Q&A session provided some humor, and left us with a refreshing thought.

One attendee commented that she felt out of place at the local senior center. After all, she said, “Many of the people there seem so old.”

Realizing what she had just said, she turned red with embarrassment. But then she recovered and left us all laughing, when she stuttered, “But I’m not old — I’m a BOOMER.”

Mary and I have adopted that phrase for ourselves — “We’reĀ  not old, we’re BOOMERS!”

So BOOM BOOM BOOM to all of you…

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