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Got a quick question that might be of interest to other readers?

Send me an e-mail, and I’ll do my best to address it in a future blog post.  

All questions and answers will be sanitized to protect confidentiality.

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In the wings – a free monthly Teleconference.

Still working on the details, but watch my blog or sign up on my newsletter/email list.

Individual Q&A (Not free, but reasonable)…

Some call this Coaching. I call this simply Answering Your Questions.

Here are two options if you would like some in-depth personal support:

The “Strategies & Details” Option – About 1/2 hour increments

  • For detailed discussions and/or multiple questions.
  • I’m not a slave to the clock. If we need to go a bit longer, we will –at no extra charge.

The “Mentor” Option – Longer term support

  • If you want ongoing support as you start & develop your consultancy.
  • Three month increments – Up to six calls, plus e-mail access.

Contact me here for prices. 

Not sure? Let’s talk for “about a half hour”, and you decide if it is worth it. No risk… 


Several short classes have been presented at professional conferences. (“So You Want To Be A Consultant?” and “Consulting for Geeks.” ) The most recent was at the IEEE EMC Symposium in Ottawa.

Currently working on a more detailed on-line class. Five sessions of one hour each. An expansion of the short class above.

Tentative syllabus

  • Session I– Introduction – An overview with four key questions.
  • Session II – Marketing Defining your niches and getting leads
  • Session III – Sales Collateral, contracts, and closing the deals
  • Session IV – Financial & Legal – Fee Setting, advisors, professional licenses, and more
  • Session V – Getting Started Part time/full time, setting up your office, commencing your marketing

Cost – TBD. May be offered in conjunction with a major technical publisher.

Want more details? Contact me here


Initially a catalyst for this blog. Much of the material is already contained in blog posts. Still undecided about the details: e-book or hard cover, self-publish, or ???

Rumor has it there is an e-book on the horizon to be published soon by a professional society. If successful, there will be more.

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Incidentally, don’t need a book for the ego boost, as I already written or co-written several technical books along with a couple of hundred technical articles. Much work, but books are very effective in building your credibility and visibility.

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