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Got a quick question that might be of interest to other readers?

Send me an e-mail, and I’ll do my best to address it in a future blog post.

Optional – include your phone number – no charge for brief phone calls.  

All questions and answers will be sanitized to protect confidentiality.

Contact me here.

Monthly Call-In Session (Also Free)…

Coming soon – a free monthly Teleconference.

Still working on the details, but watch my blog. Also, be sure to sign up on our newsletter/email list.

Individual Q&A…

Some call this Coaching. I call this simply Answering Your Questions.

Here are two options if you would like some in-depth personal support:

The “Strategies & Details” Option – About 1/2 hour increments

  • For detailed discussions and/or multiple questions.
  • Cost – $75/call – Payment at time of call

The “Mentor” Option – Longer term support

  • If you want ongoing support as you start & develop your consultancy.
  • Three month increments – Up to six calls, plus e-mail access.
  • Cost – $400 – Payment at first call.

Contact me here.


1. What are these rates based on? Greatly discounted engineering consulting rates.

2. Some people charge more — up to $500 hour. Are they worth it? Quite possibly.

3. So why so much less here? I assume people reading this blog are in the exploratory stages, and don’t want to spend a ton of money for some simple advice and answers. 

I’m also pretty much retired, and don’t need the money. Consulting has been very good to me. But this helps pay for project expenses, and supports some favorite causes.   

4. Why not free? Well, we all value what we pay for. However, if you are NOT happy, I’ll refund your money — no questions asked!

5. What does “About 1/2 Hour” mean? I’m not a slave to the clock. If we need to go a bit longer, we will –at no extra charge.

Still not sure? Let’s talk for “about a half hour”, and you decide if it was worth it. 


Several short classes have been presented at professional conferences. (“So You Want To Be A Consultant?” and “Consulting for Geeks.” ) The most recent was at the 2016 IEEE EMC Symposium in Ottawa.

Currently working on a more detailed on-line class. Five sessions of one hour each. An expansion of the short class above.

Tentative syllabus

  • Session I– Introduction – An overview with four key questions.
  • Session II – Marketing Defining your niches and getting leads
  • Session III – Sales Collateral, contracts, and closing the deals
  • Session IV – Financial & Legal – Fee Setting, advisors, professional licenses, and more
  • Session V – Getting Started Part time/full time, setting up your office, commencing your marketing

Cost – TBD. May be offered in conjunction with a major technical publisher.

Want more details? Contact me here


Initially a catalyst for this blog. Much of the material is already contained in blog posts. Still undecided about the details: e-book or hard cover, self-publish, or ???

Rumor has it there is an e-book on the horizon to be published soon by a professional society. If successful, there will be more.

Can’t wait for a book?  Sign up here for my newsletter and get a FREE WHITE PAPER “So You Want To Be A Consultant?”

Incidentally, don’t need a book for the ego boost, as I already written or co-written several technical books along with a couple of hundred technical articles. Much work, but books are very effective in building your credibility and visibility.

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