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Daryl Gerke, PE, has been a successful consulting engineer for almost 40 years. In 1978, Daryl and his business partner (the late Bill Kimmel) co-founded Kimmel Gerke Associates as a part time electrical engineering consulting firm.

In 1987, they went full time — the day the stock market crashed — and have now survived for 30 years!

Prior to consulting, Daryl held engineering positions with industry leaders like Intel, Tektronix, Sperry Univac, and Collins Radio. He kept gravitating to startup situations, and was involved with several new product launches, along with a brand new company.

He spent ten years in technical sales/marketing, which allowed him to hone his business skills along with his technical skills — both necessary for consulting.

Getting started (and building the business) was often scary and filled with mysteries, but several people graciously helped along the way. Now it is time to share some of those secrets and hard earned knowledge, to help others make the JumpToConsulting.

Some Technical Credentials…

Daryl has a BSEE (Electrical Engineering) degree from the University of Nebraska, and is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE).

He is a co-founder of Kimmel Gerke Associates, Ltd., an electrical engineering firm that specializes in Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC).

For those of you who are non-technical, that means he makes a living as a “Ghost Buster” for electronics. If you are curious, visit EMIGURU.COM

Some Technical Accomplishments…

Daryl has authored or co-authored three technical books, over 200 technical articles, and a 20 year client newsletter.

Daryl and his business partner solved hundreds of problems across the electronics industry (computers, military, industrial, vehicles, medical, telecomm, facilities, and more.)

Daryl and his business partner also trained over 10,000 engineers throughout the world in their technical specialty through a series of public and in-house seminars.

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