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Welcome to my blog… This is a blog about how to start, build, and operate a small consulting practice. It is aimed at those who may be considering consulting as a part time or full time venture, although existing consultants may find it useful too.  The goal is to share ideas and experiences, and to help demystify this business.

As the co-founder an engineering consulting firm with over 30 years experience,  I’m often asked about the “inside secrets of consulting.”  Questions come from several directions:

  • Clients (Can we go to lunch? I’ve got some questions…)
  • Colleagues (I’m curious… How did  you do this, anyway?)
  • Travelers (Oh, you’re a consultant?  I’ve been thinking about that. Can I ask a few questions?)
  • Other consultants (Can we compare notes?)

It is always fun to engage in these conversations, and I often learn as much or more than I share.

For the past several years, I’ve been harboring the idea of a book on consulting.  The outline is done, and  I’ve even gathered a big fat file of notes.  But having written or co-written several successful technical books, I’m well aware of how much work this can be.  As a result, I keep putting it off.  There is a saying among authors, “I like not so much to write, as having written.”

Then the blog idea struck. No need to write everything at once, but the ideas can be doled out in pieces. Furthermore, questions and feedback can even improve things. If all goes well, much of this may still end up in a book, as a small legacy of my many years in this game.

The catalyst for the blog idea was a chance meeting with Pam Slim, a fellow Mesa AZ resident, author, and blogger supreme. Pam was on a book tour, promoting her new book, Escape From Cubicle Nation. Her book and her blog are rich with ideas, particularly for those suffering from the “big business blues.”  (Visit her blog atwww.escapefromcubiclenation.com)

Best of all, Pamela has been there, both in big business, and then almost 10 years as a training consultant and subsequently a life coach. If you need to figure out how to escape and what to do next,  I highly recommend her book, web site, and services.  And if you’re wondering how to make the Jump to Consulting, I invite you to ride along here as well.

A SPECIAL WELCOME to “Geeks and Geezers…”

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But if you are neither, and are just interested in consulting, you are still ALWAYS WELCOME  here!  Thanks for visiting…

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