Time to forge a new path…

It was a year ago this month that my business partner passed away from cancer. To say the past year was stressful would be an understatement.

Bill and I were good friends and business partners for almost 40 years. I miss him every day.

But life goes on. The fog is lifting, and the paths ahead looks brighter. The big question is “Which path to take?” After much soul searching, the new path becomes clearer each day.

When a colleague recently inquired about my future plans, I gave this answer:

After much consideration, I’m winding things down here. I’ll soon be 70, so I decided to kick back. Twenty years ago I’d be a bit more motivated.

Been referring consulting jobs to several younger guys which is working fine. Still doing training, which I really enjoy (and which pays well.)

However, I limit myself to no more than one class a month. In the old days it was not unusual for each of us be on the road 30-40 times a year with consulting and training projects. Lot’s of fun, but I don’t have the energy for that anymore.

Still tying up a few loose ends, but ready to move on. I’ve been doing the JumpToConsulting blog for about five years, and plan to ramp that up.

I’ll be doing a presentation “So You Want To Be A Consultant” at the IEEE EMC Symposium in Ottawa in July, which I may expand into an on-line class. There is a book in the wings too.

My overall goal is to slow down and enjoy life. Goof off more. Travel in the RV. Spend time playing with the dog, ham radio, and the grandkids.

Bill’s passing was a reminder that life is not infinite. We had a great time with our business, but as a recently retired consulting colleague said, “It’s time to forge a new path…” That idea appeals to me too.

So how about you? Is it time to forge a new path in your life?

My consulting business was only one of several paths I forged. And I am happy to share my experience here, in the hope that it may help others forge – or at least explore – their new path as a consultant.

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6 Responses to Time to forge a new path…

  • Hi Daryl, I too miss Bill and I feel the same as you. I still do consulting, but I only take small jobs close to home. I enjoy getting back into playing my clarinet which is taking a little time since it has been about some 40 odd years since I’ve played it. I also listen to my 4-track reel to reel tapes and vinyl records such as Glenn Miller originals and Bing Crosby originals!!

    My cancer is under control and I keep hoping I’ll have another 10 years to finish traveling to a few more “bucket list”pots!! You take care and enjoy everyday!!!

    • –Hi Ed. Thanks for the kind comments on Bill. Sounds like things are going well for you, and very glad to hear your cancer is under control!

      –I finally decided NO more new consulting projects – just focus on training, and on the JumpToConsulting project. Will be presenting “So You Want to be a Consultant?” at the IEEE EMC Symposium in Ottawa in July. Maybe I can inspire some younger engineers to take over for us 🙂

      –Check out the soon to be updated website at http://www.emiguru.com. Busy archiving stuff, as I wind down EMIGURU. All the best to you too!

  • Good idea. Not slowing down. Just changing directions.

  • My Father died in 2000. Before he died, he acknowledged that he had a few regrets; One of which was not traveling enough. At age 58, I have learned to never leave behind any regrets. My favorite quote… What kid ever said “I want to be the guy sitting next to the pilot”. Don’t talk about things to do, go do them. No one will do them for you. I leave this job for retirement in four days. No regrets… – Jack Eskew

    • Hi Jack,

      Great advice. As Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did… So throw off the bowlines… Sail away…Explore… Dream… Discover”

      No regrets here either. Congratulations on your retirement — have a blast!

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