Shenson on Consulting, by Howard Shenson

For my second resource review, I’ve selected Shenson on Consulting by the late Howard L. Shenson. For over 20 years (mid-1970s to mid-1990s) Howard Shenson wrote books, published newsletters, and conducted seminars that focused on beginning consultants. Before he suddenly passed away in 1994, he was known as the “consultant’s consultant.”

Howard’s materials were based on his experiences with his own individual and group consulting practices.  His background was in marketing, and as a result, he was very strong in that area. He was also very pragmatic.

Instead of  big company techniques like advertising, Howard emphasized methods that at the time were non-traditional — seminars, newsletters, trade journal articles, etc. He focused on niche markets, almost always a good strategy for small businesses.

I first met Howard at a consulting seminar he held in Minneapolis in 1978. At that time, I was just starting to explore consulting. His short seminar reshaped my thinking, and started me on my journey.  I consider him my original consulting mentor.

I’ve used many of his ideas with good success. Even though it may be dated, I feel anything written by Howard Shenson is still worth reading today.

Shenson on Consulting, by Howard L. Shenson. Published by Wiley, 1994. ISBN 0-471-00925-3.  (No web site.)

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