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For this month’s resource review, I’ve selected Million Dollar Consulting by Dr. Alan Weiss. Having now written 32 books on the subject, Alan Weiss is no doubt a guru on consulting. Anyone considering consulting should read what he has to say.

His materials are based on his own experiences of starting and running an international management and organizational development firm. As the book title implies, he has consistently produced over over $1 million/year in revenues. Although his background is in management consulting, his sound advice applies to all types of consulting.

The book contains an abundance of ideas. The focus is on helping existing consultants take their practice to the next level, but he includes advice for beginners too. Be sure and get the latest version (2009), as he has a added new and pertinent information.

In recent years, he started several mentoring programs, such as his Consulting College and other workshops and seminars. Most appear to be aimed at established consultants, so they may not be of immediate interest to those contemplating a Jump To Consulting. The book, however, is an excellent place to start.

I’ve not met Alan Weiss, but I have read several of his books and have followed his blog for the past year. I just recently subscribed to his weekly Friday Wrap series of podcasts and videocasts. Like a good Dutch Uncle, his style can be blunt. I find his ideas useful and thought provoking.

Million Dollar Consulting by Dr. Alan Weiss.
McGraw Hill, 2009  – ISBN-10:0071622101 &

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