How Many Times? A Call To Action…

Well, it happened again this week…

A crazed gunman went on a mass killing spree. Only this time he took out twenty first graders plus six of their teachers with an assault rifle. A real macho man, right?

As expected, the media swarmed the small town, and the pundits took sides on the issues. On CNN, some preacher (proudly declaring himself a gun owner) decried the “violence” but argued that “guns were not the issue, blah, blah, blah…”  Try telling that to the families of the twenty first graders.

My own Senator intoned that those families are in our “thoughts and prayers.” But talk is cheap — maybe it is time to finally take some action!

While I’m sure he meant well, here is an e-mail I sent:

We DON’T need your thoughts and prayers, Senator — we DO need you and your colleagues to take action to reinstitute the assault weapons BAN.

If you can’t own a nuke, why is a semiautomatic rifle OK? Both are Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Furthermore, you don’t need a semiautomatic rifle to shoot a deer, do you? Enough is enough!  Time to DO something about this.

So what does this have to do with consulting? Nothing directly. But indirectly, everything. As consultants, we are agents of change — the problem solvers (and problem anticipators) of society. We are supposed to help make things better.

My challenge is to raise some hell about this. Write to Congress. Sign petitions. When we all did this several years ago, we finally got legislation regarding unwanted phone calls. But only after a lot of pressure. Lacking that, nothing would have happened.

Don’t our children and grandchildren deserve at LEAST as much effort?

A now a disclaimer. No, I am not an anti-gun zealot. No problem with hunting either. My philosophy – live and let live – as long as nobody gets hurt.

But as a father and grandfather, I am sick and tired of this. Sick and tired of the posturing. Sick and tired of the platitudes. Sick and tired of dodging the REAL issue.

Sure, we need to do more about mental health care. Sure, we need to respect the constitution. But FIRST, we need to do something about unnecessary assault weapons!

Please join me in putting some very serious pressure on our political leaders. Let them know enough is enough! 

Finally, my sincere condolences to those who have suffered a terrible loss.

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One Response to “How Many Times? A Call To Action…”

  • daryl says:

    Received several comments, but decided not to post them. Not really interested in publicizing the same old tired arguments, nor in making my blog an open forum on gun control.

    Did not intend this to be political, but two events hit close to home. The Gabby Giffords shootings in Tucson two years year ago were about 100 miles away. The Newtown CT shootings were but a few miles from my grandchildren in CT.

    Had to say something – to be silent is to acquiesce. Good consultants seek to improve things, even if it means attacking sacred cows.

    And now, back to our regular scheduled programming.

    Thanks to all who read my blog.

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