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As part of a special session at a recent engineering symposium, I gave a half hour talk titled “So You Want to be a Consultant? — Four Key Questions.”

Being the last speaker in the last session on the last day, I did not expect much of a turnout. Apparently the symposium organizers felt the same way. Would anybody really be interested in this non-technical topic?

What a surprise when almost 60 people turned out to hear four of us share our experiences and advice!  We were expecting perhaps a dozen.  Many other symposium attendees said they wish they could have been there. Personal discussions revealed that a lot of engineers are concerned about their futures. A sign of the times, no doubt.

Two of us were old timers, and three were newer to the consulting field. One of the newcomers was a recent retiree, and the other was an engineer laid off in mid-career. All have successfully made their own JumpToConsulting. And none plan to go back…

The general session was not recorded and is not available to the public. However, since I own the IP on my presentation, I’ll make it available  in a webinar format if there is enough interest.

Although originally targeted at engineers, the content should be of general interest to anyone considering consulting — either part time or full time.

Interested?  Please reply here, or contact me by email.

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