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Jumping ship as a path to Consulting…

Here is a comment I made over at Abandoned Cubicle regarding making more money from your cubicle job. I mentioned Cubert once before, as he quietly (and anonomously) plots his course towards Financial Independence.

In this post, Cubert recommends negotiating your salary. Many people (particularly engineers like Cubert and me) can be reluctant to do so. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

He also recommends jumping ship if you are still unhappy. It took me a while to figure that out, but once I did it made a big difference. Thus, my story on jumping ship:

Good advice. By jumping ship into my last corporate job (over 30 years ago) I doubled my income the following year. And I got to work for a great company and a great boss.

How did I double? Moved back into sales engineering. My new base salary was the same as my old salary, plus I now got commissions, bonuses, and a company car. And it was great preparation for starting my own engineering consulting firm several years later.

So I heartily agree with jumping ship if you are unhappy with your compensation. And I heartily recommend technical sales or better yet, starting your own firm. Sure worked well for me.

The bottom line. We are all responsible for our own careers. If unhappy, take charge — don’t wait for others. And don’t be afraid to stretch yourself (as I did when I went into sales engineering — and later into consulting.)

For therein lies the path to Independence (Financial, Occupational, Location, and more…)

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Free Recorded Webinar – So You Want To Be a Consultant?

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A epiphany on financial priorities…

Time for a mini-rant…

While walking the dog (Sami the Shih Tzu) a few nights ago, I was struck with an epiphany of sorts. It involved a neighbor and his vehicles.

Parked in his driveway were a new Cadillac Escalade and a new Audi, along with a pretty nice Harley motorcycle. Nothing wrong with that, except he has complained in the past about not being able to retire.

That is when it struck me. For the cost of those vehicles, he could have bought a rental property, which would increase in value with time (rather than decrease) and throw off cash in the meantime. He would own a cash producing asset, rather than cash sucking liabilities.

Which is what we did several years ago. We bought a rental property, and continue to drive two old vehicles instead (a 10 car old truck, and a 20 year old sedan.) I could care less about impressing the neighbors.

The cash flow is great — the property has increased in value — and we enjoy the tax advantages of being a landlord. It has outperformed many of our other investments.

Not bragging or criticizing here. Just sharing an observation.

Maybe my attitude came from starting and running my own business – or maybe it was a reason I was able to do so in the first place. Hmmm…

Too many people have told me they would like to start their own business (including consulting), but can’t afford to do so. Yet they drive fancy cars and more.

It is often just a simple case of financial priorities.

End of rant…

P.S. Remember – Uncle Daryl want YOU to find your freedom too — financial, occupational, and more.

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