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Now What???

The first half of this year has been rough. It started out with plans to move back to our old house, followed by Mary breaking her arm which required surgery. Two weeks later, my good friend and business partner (Bill Kimmel) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

All this happened in January!

It was painful watching Bill sink, but it happened (too) quickly, and he passed away in April. The funeral was in early May, followed by the sudden loss of a cousin two weeks later. In the middle of all this, the remodeling was finally done and we moved.

Like January, May was a month I don’t care to relive.

For the past six weeks, I’ve been tying up loose ends with Bill’s part of Kimmel Gerke Associates (aka EMIGURU.) At the same time, I’ve been reflecting on what I want to do next. These past six months have been a grim reminder that time is not infinite.

So here are my current plans.

I plan to ramp down EMIGURU –ramp up JUMPTOCONSULTING — and simply slow down and enjoy life. So if you are interested in consulting, stick around as I get back on schedule with this blog and related projects.

EMIGURU – While my goal is to decrease the consulting, I plan to stay involved with the training side of the practice. I enjoy training, and it also gives the most bang for the buck for helping others. More effective to work with 10-20 at a time than just 1-2 at a time.

Efforts are underway to hand off consulting projects to a select group of consulting colleagues. The objectives are to support our clients, while helping some of the younger folks in our business.

Several technical courses are currently on the books. My goal is to limit classes to no more than one a month, a reduction from past schedules. Just got back from a class last week, and have classes scheduled through September. We’ll see how it works out.

JUMPTOCONSULTING – The goals here are to post at least twice a month, and to start developing an on-line class. An introductory e-book is also on the wish list, along with some magazine articles on consulting.

Still considering the book I’ve always promised myself to write. After a couple of technical books, I don’t need it for the ego boost, but it would be fun to do. So it stays on the to-do list for now.

PERSONAL – The goals here are to goof off more and enjoy life. Visit grandkids, ┬áspend more time in the RV, play with the dog, get back into ham radio, read, and ???

Thanks to the consulting business, I’m financially independent and no longer need to work.┬áNot bragging — just grateful that I made the JumpToConsulting when I did.

With time and effort, you can achieve this independence too.

So stay tuned, as I share more thoughts, ideas, and examples of how to make your own JumpToConsulting.

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